Drill Hall Residents Association Minutes of the inaugural general meeting

Drill Hall Residents Association Minutes of the general meeting held on February 4th, 2013
Green Room, Multicultural Hub, 30 Therry Street, Melbourne

Residents: 12*
Observers/Guests: Olga Mazel from Doutta Galla, Jamie Hutchinson from Housing Choices Australia Apologies: 10 residents*

*Note: for privacy reasons, the names of residents who attended meetings are only included in minutes if they have given permission.

1. Welcome and Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners

Martin Mulvihill opened the meeting at 7.10pm, welcomed attendees, and acknowledged the traditional owners of the land. Martin also acknowledged and thanked Neil from the 5th floor, who could not be present, but who was the initial instigator of the idea of forming a Drill Hall Residents Association.

2. Formation of the Association

It was moved that a Drill Hall Residents Association (DHRA) be formed.

3. Election of Office Bearers

It was moved that Martin Mulvihill assume the role of President. It was moved that Mark Brown assume the role of Secretary.

4. Planning meetings



It was moved that in addition to general meetings of the DHRA, planning meetings be held, comprising the President, Secretary, and any other resident who wishes to attend. These meetings will focus on implementation of the decisions of the general meetings, and preparation for future general meetings.


5. Association Aims

It was moved that the association adopt the following aims:

● to support resident participation and partnership on issues of common concern.

● to encourage social activities.

● to work in local partnership with Housing Choices Australia (HCA) to improve general outcomes for all residents.


6. Presentation from Doutta Galla Representative

Olga Mazel from Doutta Galla addressed the meeting and provided information about the services provided by Doutta Galla, next door, on the ground floor. Residents are all welcome to make an appointment to access these services, which include a GP, psychologist, podiatry, optometry, dietetics, legal services, and social activities. Call 9677 0800.

7. Presentation from Housing Choices Representative

Jamie Hutchinson from HCA addressed the meeting and explained his role as HCA’s Community Development Worker. Jamie expressed HCA’s support for its local partnership DHRA and will act as a liason between DHRA and HCA. He drew attention to HCA’s separate advisory committee which residents are also welcome to join. Jamie discussed HCA possibly funding a BBQ for residents per year, which received enthusiastic endorsement from the meeting

8. Resident Concerns and Ideas

8.1 Security. A number of residents expressed deep concern about safety and security at the Drill Hall. It was suggested that changes to the setup of the automatic doors in the lobby area and elevators might help reduce the chance of unauthorised people accessing the building. Concern was also expressed about the hazard of objects dropping from balconies onto people below.

It was moved that:

A) Jamie Hutchinson be asked to raise this issue with his colleagues and investigate options.

B) That the issue be referred to the next planning meeting to make recommendations to the next general meeting.


8.2 Notice board and comments/suggestion box. It was suggested that HCA might install notice boards (e.g., for notices of activities, services, etc). It was also suggested that drop boxes be installed in the lobby as one way for residents to easily communicate with HCA and DHRA. It was moved that Jamie Hutchinson be asked to put these ideas to HCA.


8.3 Gardening. It was proposed that residents may wish to partake in gardening activities in The Triangle (the outdoor area on the intersection of Therry and Victoria streets). Jamie Hutchinson is investigating with Melbourne City Council.

8.4. Newsletter. The idea of a newsletter was referred to the next planning meeting. 9. Next Meeting

All residents will be individually invited to the next general and planning meeting. Dates and location to be determined.

Contact the DHRA with ideas, concerns, and questions

Email: dhra.melbourne@aol.com Phone: 9013 3742