Inaugural meeting minutes of Victoria Square Precinct Committee



Minutes August 14th (Inaugural) Meeting

Meeting Type:   Drill Hall Community Steering Committee

Location:             White Room, The Multicultural Hub

Date:                    14 August 2013

Time:                    11am – 12pm

1. Welcome attendance and apologies:

Present:  Drill Hall Resident Association (DHRA): Martin Mulvihill  (President)

Mark Brown

Housing Choices Australia (HCA):           Jamie Hutchinson (Community Development Officer)

Central City Community Health Service (Doutta Galla)(CCCHS): Russ Sevior

                                                       (General Manager, Oral Health & Complex Needs Program)

Multi-Cultural Hub (MCH):                      Amrit Kaur (Community Engagement Officer)

Maria Tsopanis (Manager, Community and Volunteering)

City of Melbourne Council (MCC):         Barney? (Cultural Diversity Officer)

Apologies:  Nil.

2. Objectives of the Steering Committee

Martin provided an overview of the objectives of the committee which has been developed to benefit those living in, or with an interest in the Drill Hall community.

Each member of the committee introduced themselves and provided an insight into their respective roles and explained how they think the committee can operate successfully.

3. Topics for discussion:

1.   Use of the Triangle space:

The following points were raised:

·      Russ advised the Senior Leadership Forum (that Russ is part of) had proposed that the space be used for a memorial to the homeless. This proposal is currently with the City of Melbourne.

·      Martin indicated that the residents of Drill Hall would be interested in using the space for a community garden, which may include a communal BBQ for residents.

·      Barney advised that currently this is a passive space and highlighted that a community garden does not just mean vegetables. He also indicated the MCC are in the process for developing a community garden policy which may be of assistance for such projects.

·      Jamie indicated that HCA were supportive of a community garden/memorial that could be used for both purposes. Maria of the Multicultural Hub also indicated the same.

·      All parties discussed the current use of space by the homeless and the effect changes could have

·      Barney indicated that best people from MCC to talk to about a combined proposal for the area would be the Park Planners.


·        Barney to provide contact details to Russ and Martin of the correct contact people in the MCC.

·        Barney to investigate taking the chains down from the space to encourage use.

2.   Activation of the Elizabeth Street Forecourt:

The following points were raised:

·      Maria and Amrit discussed their aim to create a vibrant atmosphere in front of the Hub.

·      They indicated the Multicultural Hub will conduct a pilot program in October and conduct an activity out the front. This could be an arts performance, or cooking activity.

·      It was suggested that the activity coincide with the Wednesday Night Market, or on market days.

·      Russ indicated that the Central City Community Health Service may be able to provide services to discuss healthy eating.

·      Barney indicated that it would be beneficial to obtain the support of the hairdresser and Korean grocery for such community projects.

·      Barney also indicated that the Hub should investigate the possibility of obtaining permits from the MCC for such activities to broaden the possibility of events.

·      Martin indicated that the DHRA would welcome the opportunity to work with the Hub for the project

·      Jamie indicated HCA would also assist were possible.

3.    Involvement of Indigenous residents

Martin indicated that there are a number of indigenous residents in the Drill Hall and would like to find a way for them to engage in the community. The development of a basketball team was mentioned.

The following points were raised:

·      HCA is happy to work with the DHRA for such project and has developed relationships with such agencies including the Huddle at North Melbourne and soon, the YMCA.

·      The RMIT basketball courts or YMCA (Bungle?)facility could be options for a venue

·      Barney indicated that it is worth applying for a community grant for such projects.

·      Jamie indicated HCA would be happy to work with the DHRA for grant applications.


·        Russ to organise a time with DHRA for residents of the Drill Hall to view facilities of the Central City Community Health Service.

4.   Therry Street, Street Party

Maria informed the committee that the party would not go ahead as they did not get funding required.

5.   DHRA Community Night

Martin indicated the DHRA was looking at having a community night for people and organisations based in the Drill Hall precinct. All parties indicated this was a good idea and all supported the proposal.

3. Meeting Operations

  • All parties agreed in favour of the DHRA to organise and chair meetings.
  • All parties agreed in favour of HCA taking minutes.
  • It was agreed that meeting should be held every six weeks.