Is the world’s number one liveable city really that livable?

 Is the world’s number one liveable city really that livable?

Many of its streets and pathways are blocked off or bottle necked with restrictions and diversions for construction work everywhere. Where do the ordinary, everyday needs of people come into this, i.e. this fabulous liveability?

It is often complete and utter mayhem, especially if you depend on a wheelchair. And if you are a resident, you suffer an unceasing and relentless intrusion of noise, dust and disrupted travel at all hours of day and night. 

And government policy? Let’s have more of the same apparently.

Where do community needs fit into all this?

Appeal to the council/government?

The chaos inside their offices is worse than that outside. No one takes responsibility – you are tossed back and forth from one office to another. 

Instead of bleating and boasting about liveability, perhaps it’s time for the politicians and bureaucrats to take a real walk through this town. They might become a little more liveable themselves!

Please help us find a way of ridding these “deplorable” conditions that the government has put on us and let’s make living and working conditions in the “City of Melbourne Great Again”.

Jason Robins

(published in November/December edition CBD news)