Worm farm


The Worms live in here. Their home was donated by the City of Melbourne to the Drill Hall Residents Association in 2016. It originally belonged to another group who were unable to maintain it. It was in danger of being abandoned altogether until a lucky phone call sent it our way. The City of Melbourne subsequently also funded a lever mechanism to help us lift the heavy lid.


You can just see them consuming the news – does not seem to matter whether it is true or not! They do like plenty of vegetables and fruit, but not citrus – lemons, oranges, garlic etc. You can get vegetable waste  for free up at the Queen Victoria Market and the worms just love it.

They also like paper, but not the glossy stuff because that has chemicals they do not like in it.  It is best shredded up and DHRA has used its City of Melbourne grant money to buy some shredders. You can see young Adam on another page busy doing this work.

When you put the paper in make sure it is moist by sprinkling it with water.

Then gently mix in the paper with the vegetables into the soil so the worms can get into it.

The worms produce high grade fertilizer as ‘worm juice’ and castes. It has dramatic effects on the plant life in the garden and residents are beginning to use it on their indoor and balcony plants. We are working on ways to get it to residents who are unable to collect it themselves.  

Other local residents and workers are getting involved bringing their food waste to the worm farm and taking the juice. When the capital works project for the garden is finished, it will probably lift demand for the juice quite sharply, so we have applied for a grant to  have an additional  worm farm installed. 






The word from the worms!

We of the  Worm Community Association (WCA)  have been  industriously converting copies of the seniors newspaper and CBD news into garden nourishment. We have asked our human neighbours to take a lot of leafs out of their collective books/newspapers, shred them to bits and deliver it to us. We promise to read and improve our knowledge of the world as we munch them up. We are always passing motions of course, because worm life is really just like one long wiggle and giggle  really even when we get bogged down in the paper work. Anyway its a bit of a relief that our slogan is of course “No Bosses’. We seem to get a lot more done without them! Enough juicy gossip now – watch this space.